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Colorado 2016
Program Details

We hope you will join us as we celebrate our
Ten-Year Anniversary
with another fabulous session of integrated, supportive learning!

        From:        July 21 (1:00 pm)
        Through:   July 26 (9:00 pm)
        Special packages:   July 20 (9:00 am through 5:30 pm)

This will be six days of supportive interaction among all of us. For more detailed information about The Well-Balanced Pianist programs, please visit

Click here for information about the schedule

Click here for information about Friday clinics

Click here for information about Sunday clinics

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Lessons, bodywork sessions, clinics, and classes are included in the Main Program. There are also extras for you to choose from, which can enhance your knowledge, comfort, and skills.

The Main Program. You will experience all of this in the Main Program:

  1. Four half-hour lessons with Teresa Dybvig or Susan Nowicki
    • You will be partnered with 2 or 3 other students, who will attend your lessons, and, if you choose, your practice.
    • You choose what to work on during your lesson.
    • You are invited (urged even) to attend as many lessons as your concentration allows, unless the student specifies otherwise.
    • You will have all your lessons with one teacher. We will make every attempt to assign you to the teacher you prefer, but as you can imagine, we cannot guarantee. Don't worry! You will have a good teacher either way!
  2. One clinic on July 22. When you register, you can choose between Basic Movements and Rotation for Changing Direction.
  3. Four Sunday clinics to be selected at registration. Clinics are based on advanced musicianship, the tenets of the Taubman Approach to Piano Technique and the Feldenkrais Method®. We will introduce these concepts and work with each participant in these skill-based clinics.
  4. Each participant will have a one-hour private session with either Judy Huston or Sharon Oliensis. This is included in your fee.
  5. Each participant will be assigned to prepare a duet or mixed ensemble chosen for you by the faculty. Duet and mixed ensemble coaching will culminate in an evening of duet and mixed ensemble performances. Click here to learn more about the duets and mixed ensemble activities for this year.
  6. Opening program on Listening, including introductory talk by Teresa Dybvig and fun activities, followed by dinner reception
  7. An open-forum Q&A session, during which you can ask your own questions!
  8. Mealtime discussions about optimal mindset for practice and performance
  9. One Works-in-Progress recital
  10. Practice time will be available to everyone.

Optional extras which can enhance your knowledge, comfort, and skill:

  1. Additional private sessions in Aston Patterning, with Judy Huston. These sessions would either be movement lessons or massage, and are available at an additional fee of $75 for a one-hour session, payable at check-in. You can arrange this time in advance when you register, or during the week in the unlikely event that Judy has any openings. Space is limited for these sessions.
  2. Additional private bodywork sessions, with Sharon Oliensis. These sessions would either be movement lessons or massage, and are available at an additional fee of $75 for a one-hour session, payable at check-in. You can arrange this time in advance when you register, or during the week. Space is limited for these sessions.
  3. Back by popular demand, you have the option to participate in a Special Package on July 20: luxurious long bodywork (massage and/or movement) sessions and piano lessons. The Special Package is available for $335.
  4. If you participate in a Special Package, you will have the option of joining veteran hiker/climber (and veteran WBP CO participant!) for a Taste of the Rockies Hike on Thursday, July 21. Fee for the hike is $5 plus a nominal contribution toward park entry.

The Schedule
Check-in for the Main Program will start at 1 pm on Thursday, July 21. The program will open later that day, with an orientation meeting at 4:00 pm. From 5:00 pm to 8:30 pm there will be an opening address, Listening, by Teresa Dybvig, followed by some fun activities and a reception of light dinner with some 4-hand entertainment provided by Ms. Nowicki and Ms. Dybvig, along with entertainment by any others who would like to join in! The following days will begin at 9 am and end at approximately 9 pm, and will include lessons, clinics, bodywork, and mindset discussion. Click here to see a sample Main Program day's schedule.

Special Packages will run from 9:30 am through 5:30 pm on Wednesday, July 20. Check-in will start at 9:00 am.

Friday Clinics
On Friday, July 22, we will begin our day with a clinic. You can choose between two when you register. One will help participants who are new to us get a good start on incorporating healthy movement. The other is for returning participants to focus on a more complex aspect of movement. If you are unsure about which is the best July 22 clinic for you, don't worry. Just ask when you register!

Sunday Clinic Day
We will spend Sunday morning in the foothills of Golden, Colorado, where you will have the choice of participating in two clinics or enjoying the outdoors. Rides to the area will be available for those without cars. In the afternoon we will return to CCU, where you will have two more clinics of your choice, a mindset discussion, and duet coaching. You will be asked at registration to choose the clinics you would like to participate in.

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Note: No previous experience in the Taubman approach, Qigong, or Aston-Patterning is necessary for participation in this program.

Golden, Colorado
Scene from our undemanding walk
to downtown Golden, CO!

Scene from our demanding walk in the
foothills. That's a person at the top!

Relaxing in the lounge

Aston-Patterning specialist Judy Huston
helping people with whole-body movement at the piano

Students enjoying Susan Nowicki's shaping clinic