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The Balanced Pianist Colorado 2006

The Balanced Pianist Colorado 2006 was a great success! This page includes summaries and pictures of this event.

The Balanced Pianist Colorado 2006 was an intensive program to improve practice, performance, and teaching skills, through integrated focus on piano technique, musicianship, bodywork/movement, positive mindset, and learning styles, in a supportive, interactive environment.

The following pictures show some of our activities at The Balanced Pianist 2006. To the left you can see comments from students.

From the participants' anonymous evaluations of The Balanced Pianist Colorado 2006

"This program was an exercise in 'Seize the Day'."

"I was only planning to solidify my ability to incorporate Taubman into my playing -- not re-vamping my entire attitude towards life!"

"Terry and Susan brought the most amazing combo of smarts/learning; experience/understanding; creativity/fun, hope and willingness to empathize and allow for emotion and discussion -- also they are very strong and capable leaders -- yet they allow so much room for discussion and other ideas."

"The program was useful and well balanced (!) Susan and Terry are -- really -- exceptional teachers... The non-competitive tone is very important, the emphasis on wholeness also as significant."

"Aston-Patterning was a highlight for me, terrific, wonderful."

"The Performance Mindset master class was great, extremely creative."

"The Learning Styles session opened up a new understanding of myself."

"Thanks for the Learning Styles tools for both insight into self and others."

"This program showed me I could learn in a different, more fun way, gave me specific tools to change to a positive mindset, that I was getting in the way of my own progress."

" I was sad to see the week end because I was learning and enjoying the learning so much, but it's been fun to notice that I'm also really excited to move on from here and see what I can do now. "

Visit this page to read more commentary of all types -- signed, unsigned, and even poetic!

Colorado Christian University Music Center
The program ran from July 6 through 11, at Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, CO. It was attended by 30 pianists from 8 states. Most participants attended the 6-day program; there were also 3-day and 4-day options. In addition, there were 3 special events open to the public. The first special event was the opening, which included an Opening Address by Teresa Dybvig, Public Masterclass by Susan Nowicki and Teresa Dybvig, and Welcoming Reception of light dinner with some 2-piano entertainment provided by Ms. Nowicki and Ms. Dybvig.
Piano instructors Teresa Dybvig and Susan Nowicki
The piano instructors were Dr. Teresa Dybvig (left) and Susan Nowicki (right).

We started our first day of work with clinics on balanced alignment at the piano.

We had daily mealtime discussions on mindset, centered around Don Greene's Performance Success. You can see that everyone is in a happy mindset during this discussion!

Students had lessons in partner groups of 4. They observed and contributed to one another's lessons, and helped one another during practice, if desired. Here, the Teacher's Partner Group, which worked interactively during lessons on improving their teaching, is concentrating during lessons with Teresa Dybvig. We also had a Dystonia Partner Group; each member of which played on our final works-in-progress recital, performing anything from single notes to a Liszt song transcription, without any involuntary movement!

This student is having a lesson with Susan Nowicki.
Learning Styles presentation by Teresa Dybvig
Teresa Dybvig gave a presentation on Teaching the Student, Not the Material: Using the Dunn and Dunn Learning Styles Model in the Teaching Studio, followed by dinner and discussion.

A daily walk cleared our minds.

Eating companionably before beginning discussion.

These two participants are leading a mealtime discussion on practice and performance mindset.

Susan Nowicki gave a masterclass on Performance Mindset, followed by dinner and discussion.

Aston-Patterning with Judy Huston (right) was invaluable to participants.

Teachers congratulating the students after the final event of the program, the Works-in-Progress recital.

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