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Friends of The Well-Balanced Pianist

If you're wondering, this page is not about people who have donated money to The Well-Balanced Pianist!

This page is devoted to friends in the old-fashioned sense. Below you will find links to websites of instructors from Well-Balanced Pianist programs, students of instructors and participants of The Well-Balanced Pianist, past and present, and some other good people we know. These are all people whose work we vouch for.

One note: unless noted, the piano teachers listed her are not teachers of either The Well-Balanced Pianist or the Taubman Approach. If you are looking for a teacher of that description, please contact The Well-Balanced Pianist.

Alison Cheroff, Taubman-trained Pianist and Teacher in Central Vermont

Ann Mishler, Taubman-trained Pianist and Teacher in Maple Grove, MN

Ariel Weiss** at Alexander Technique Philadelphia, PA

Cameron Tong, Taubman-trained Pianist and Teacher in Irvine, CA

Chris Saudek** at The Yoga Place in La Crosse, WI

Christopher Thompson, Collaborative Pianist and Accompanist in Denver, CO

Donna Gross Javel, Pianist, Composer, and Teacher in Boston, MA

Ed Huston, Artist on canvas and paper in Boulder, CO

Frank Koscielski and his band, Big Shorty, in Detroit, MI

Gulchin Tarabus*, Pianist and Teacher in Portland, OR

H. Resit Akçakaya, Ecologist and Well-Balanced Pianist Webmaster in Stony Brook, NY

Irvine School of Music, Lessons and classes for all ages and levels in Orange County, CA

Jan Krzywicki*, Composer, Conductor, and Teacher in Philadelphia, PA

Jason Smukler, Keyboardist, Producer, and Recording Engineer in New York, NY

Jean Rife, Musician, Coach, Bodywork in Boston, MA

Judy Huston**, Aston-Patterning and other disciplines in Boulder, CO

Kay Hooper, Alexander Technique, Sensory Training, and Piano in Central PA

Lydia Ferrell-McVay, Piano Teacher in Glenside, PA

Marta Hunter**, Alexander Technique in Vancouver, Canada

Olsson Music Studio, Guitarist, Bassist, Drummer, and Lessons near Denver, CO

Pete Ellingson, Jazz Pianist and Teacher in Denver, CO

Phil Dybvig, Economist and Jazz Pianist in St. Louis, MO

Sharon Oliensis**, Feldenkrais in New York, NY

Susan Nowicki**, Pianist, Vocal Coach, and Teacher in Philadelphia, PA and Denver, CO

Teresa Dybvig**, Pianist and Teacher in Long Island and Manhattan, NY, Chicago, IL, and Denver, CO

*The Well-Balanced Pianist guest presenter
**The Well-Balanced Pianist instructor