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Program Details

The program takes place
        From:      Thursday, June 26 (9:30 am)
        Through:  Sunday, June 30 (9:00 pm)

This will be four days of supportive interaction among faculty and student participants. For more information about The Well-Balanced Pianist programs, please visit

Sample day's schedule

Each participant will experience:

  1. Daily half-hour lessons with Teresa Dybvig or Susan Nowicki
    • Because it's a short program, we will not have partner groups. However, all private lessons will be open for observation. If any of the participants choose to practice together, wonderful!
    • You choose what to work on during your lesson.
    • You are invited (urged, even) to attend as many lessons as your concentration allows, unless the student specifies otherwise.
    • You will have all your lessons with one teacher.
  2. Two 45-minute private sessions in the Feldenkrais Method with Sharon Oliensis.
  3. Daily skill-based clinics, in which faculty introduce a concept and work with each participant. On June 27, we will have a Basic Movements clinic for people new to us, and a clinic on octaves of all sorts for returning participants. The faculty will determine the rest of the clinic topics according to the needs of program participants.
  4. Daily classes in the Feldenkrais Method led by Sharon Oliensis.
  5. Mealtime discussions about optimal mindset for practice and performance.
  6. One Q&A forum. Bring all your questions for the faculty to work on!
  7. The opportunity to take extra half-hour piano lessons with Teresa Dybvig or Susan Nowicki ($45). Extra lesson times are limited, so requests for one half-hour will be accommodated before second half-hour lessons are scheduled. You will be able to request extra lessons at registration.
  8. Our Works-in-Progress recital will end the session.

The Schedule
Check-in begins on Thursday morning, June 27. The faculty will say a few words, and then we'll dive right into the program. Our Feldenkrais class will get us moving with ease. Clinics and private lessons will follow. We will work most days from about 9 am to 6 pm, and then enjoy dinner together. We hope the weather will allow us to spend one afternoon at the beach!

A Sample Day's Schedule:
9:00 - 10:00 am Feldenkrais Method Class
10:00 - 11:30 am Clinics
11:30am - 1:00 pm Lunch, with discussion about practice mindset
1:00 - 2:30 pm Lessons (with observation), practice, and private Feldenkrais sessions
2:30 - 3:30 pm Walk
3:30 - 6:00 pm Lessons (with observation), practice, and private Feldenkrais sessions
7:00 pm Soup and Salad Dinner

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Note: No previous experience in the Taubman approach or the Feldenkrais Method is necessary for participation in this program.

Students say

"Dear Sharon, As a pianist,... Before working with you , I always needed to warm up before playing. On days that my mind, body, hands, etc. were sufficiently relaxed, the music flowed from my heart and playing was quite effortless. On other days I felt tight and constricted, and it was effortful to play. The quality of the music suffered on those occasions. I also had a balance problem, in that my left hand was tight, and I had to work very hard each time I played and focus specifically on lightening my left hand, or the bass would be too loud. Since beginning the Feldenkrais sessions with you I have found that I am able to sit down at the piano and play at any time, without warm-up and without ever feeling that the playing is effortful and the music belabored. The balance problem has been virtually eliminated... As a singer, things have been improving...the Feldenkrais sessions have made me aware of excess tightening and holding in the muscles, and of how to release and relax those same muscles, which is an important element of good vocal technique. As importantly as that, your wonderful compassion and ability to listen, encourage, and support my various crafts have had a healing effect, not just on the crafts themselves, but on my whole life!"
— Saleena
Pianist-Singer, New York City

"Before studying with Teresa Dybvig, I had studied with several prominent teachers of the Taubman Technique for nine years. Although I made some progress, it was not until I started studying with Terry that my technique finally came together... Terry helped me regain my proper posture and hand shape... Terry not only was able to balance my body; her focus is always on musical expression. She has a unique gift of balancing the teaching of technical skills with the expression of music. I am finally beginning to be where I want to be in my piano playing. I am convinced that this is due to Terry's high quality teaching."
— Thomas B. Stuart
Accompanist and Collaborative Pianist

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