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The Balanced Pianist 2007

Students from 4 countries and 13 states attended The Balanced Pianist 2007 programs in Colorado and Wisconsin! This page includes summaries and pictures of these two events.

In those days, it was called The Balanced Pianist, and we presented two intensive programs in the summer of 2007 to improve practice, performance, and teaching skills, through integrated focus on piano technique, musicianship, bodywork/movement, positive mindset, and learning styles, in a supportive, interactive environment.

The following pictures show some of our activities at The Balanced Pianist 2007. To the left you can see comments from participants.

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From the participants' anonymous evaluations of The Balanced Pianist Colorado 2007

"I'm really playing again, which is so wonderful."

"This program helped my technique, my mindset, my general attitude and enthusiasm for life!:)"

"A well-organized program -- intensive, but not high pressure or stressful. Successfully accommodated many levels of ability."

"The lessons were extremely productive -- working with others toward the same goals is very powerful."

"I loved the yoga -- I wish we could have done some every day!"

"The Performance Mindset material really helped me center at the recital."

"The Memory and Learning Styles session was so interesting and well presented!"

"The Memory and Learning Styles workshop was a near-epiphany."

"I feel so much more aware of my body and my hands, and I also have grown in confidence!"

"I really appreciate the positive, energetic environment that you have created."

"The program is terrific! There really isn't anything else like this to be found."

Visit this page to read more commentary of all types -- signed, unsigned, and even poetic!

Colorado Christian University Music Center
The Balanced Pianist Colorado 2007 ran from July 11 through 17, at Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, Colorado. The Balanced Pianist Wisconsin 2007 ran from July 23 through July 28, at Viterbo University in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. Altogether, 46 pianists from 13 states and 4 countries attended The Balanced Pianist in July 2007. Both programs had a few special events, lessons, bodywork training, work in partner groups, and special walks for the ambitious.

Both programs started with an opening address by Teresa Dybvig, "Cultivating Awareness."

The instructors then led some activities to cultivate awareness. This activity cultivated awareness of the space between beats.

Here, Yoga instructor Chris Saudek (Wisconsin) leads us in an activity to cultivate awareness of the origins of postural problems.

Students had lessons in partner groups of 4. They observed and contributed to one another's lessons, and helped one another during practice, if desired. These partners are having lessons with Teresa Dybvig.

These partners are having a lessons with Susan Nowicki.

A daily walk cleared our minds. In Wisconsin, our special expedition up the bluffs coincided with the drizzly end to the first rain in a month!

Our special expeditions in Colorado included an undemanding walk through trails into town...

...and a demanding walk up the foothills for the intrepid!

Here we are settling in for a mealtime discussion on practice and performance mindset.

A clinic on the Walking Hand and Arm

One of this group's mottos was "May the torso be with you."

Learning how to play octaves well

An enthusiastic demonstration of how NOT to play octaves (they actually found this in a book about piano pedagogy!)

Susan Nowicki gave a masterclass on Performance Mindset in Wisconsin, during which we did several activities to encourage the pianist's creativity and spontaneity. Here we are dancing to Shostakovich.

Aston-Patterning with Judy Huston (Colorado) (right) was invaluable to participants, and fun too!

Clinics focused on single subjects, and group classes offered an open forum for questions. Here we are working on playing the thumb.

Games can give us a splendid demonstration of lively and flowing movement.

This couple had the best shorts.

In Wisconsin, we took a lovely riverboat trip on the Mississippi.

At our works-in-progress recitals, students performed whatever they had worked on in lessons. Partners and teachers helped by doing whatever the performer felt would help them express the music. Here in Wisconsin we danced to the slow movement of the Ravel Sonatine.

In Colorado, a student performed a song accompaniment while partners and teacher sang the song.

It wouldn't be complete without a celebration!

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