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Colorado 2018:
Taste of the Rockies Hike
for Special Package Participants

June 20, 2018
6:30 am to 2:00 pm

Coloradan Joe Ceurvorst, a veteran of The Well-Balanced Pianist Colorado as well as many hikes in local as well as faraway destinations, would like to lead you on a "Taste of the Rockies" hike to Eldorado Canyon State Park, near Boulder. The six-mile hike is mostly downhill, with a slightly strenuous bit about halfway through. The elevation is about 7,500 feet, but the total elevation gain in the course of the hike is just 600 feet. You will have great views of Indian Peaks, cross a beautiful meadow, visit South Boulder Creek, get in a bit of clambering, and end your walk at the State Park visitors center, where you will eat lunch. Joe has designed the hike with a moderate fitness level in mind. He loves the outdoors, and wants you to enjoy it too.

A $5 fee will cover your lunch. Every car will be charged a nominal fee at the State Park entrance.

Things to bring on the hike
  • on you: sunscreen, a light hat, and lightweight hiking boots (tennis shoes would be doable, although they tend to slip on loose rocks on the trail)
  • in a small daypack: a couple of small snacks, 2-3 liters of water, and a jacket
Is the hike for you?
  • Joe says you don't need to be in Everest condition, but you do need to be capable of walking a few hours in the heat at elevation.
  • If you want to go on the hike, you must provide an emergency contact at registration.

Joe Ceurvorst (left) has had the good fortune to have hiked and climbed throughout the world. Just a few places he's climbed include Denali (Alaska), Vinson (Antarctica), Torres del Paine (Patagonia), Kilimanjaro (Africa), Nepal, Rainer (Washington), Hood (Oregon), Shasta (California), Yosemite (California), Grand Teton (Wyoming), Winds (Wyoming), Katahdin (Maine) and Mt. Washington (New Hampshire) (he says "you folks back east" might recognize this one!). Of course he's also trekked on numerous peaks in Colorado.

Joe promises your hike won't be on terrain like this:

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What students say

"Studying the Taubman Approach with Susan Nowicki has helped me learn to play the piano with more efficiency and freedom. This not only helped me overcome my tendonitis, but has increased my technical ability as a pianist. I feel that what I learned will make me a much better musician and teacher."
—Ashley Johnston, Piano Major,
Brigham Young University

"Judy Huston is a phenomenal body practitioner. She has an amazing ability to assess physical problems and offer practical solutions. Her work is very subtle and yet the results are far-reaching. After a session with her, I floated out of the room!"
— H.H.
University Instructor, Vancouver, Canada

"Before studying with Teresa Dybvig, I had studied with several prominent teachers of the Taubman Technique for nine years. Although I made some progress, it was not until I started studying with Terry that my technique finally came together... Terry helped me regain my proper posture and hand shape... Terry not only was able to balance my body; her focus is always on musical expression. She has a unique gift of balancing the teaching of technical skills with the expression of music. I am finally beginning to be where I want to be in my piano playing. I am convinced that this is due to Terry's high quality teaching."
— Thomas B. Stuart
Accompanist and Collaborative Pianist