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Bodywork and exercise

Bodywork and exercise have always been the core elements of The Well-Balanced Pianist programs.

Pianists may be the athletes of the small muscles, but the greater musculoskeletal system determines whether those smaller limbs can move freely. When we use our bodies cooperatively, the body offers stability and flexibility to the small limbs, and brings them to the place where they can act most efficiently. Therefore, if we want to play well and comfortably, we athletes of the small muscles must learn cooperative movement from our feet to our head, not just our forearm to fingertips.

Scheduled classes with bodywork experts are included in everyone's schedule at The Well Balanced Pianist. Private sessions are also available, as are clinics such as "Feet and seat" and "Walking."

It has been our privilege to work with extraordinary experts at The Well-Balanced Pianist. Aston-patterning practitioner Judy Huston (CO), Feldenkrais instructors Gil Kelly and Bob Schlesinger (CO), Alexander Technique instructors Diane Foust (WI) and Ariel Weiss (PA), and Iyengar Yoga instructors Carol Eugenia Burns (Long Island) and Chris Saudek (WI) have all contributed to our well-being.

In addition to scheduled bodywork with expert instructors, we always try to get some exercise! It keeps us healthy and clears our heads. Depending on the location, we might take a trip to the beach, a walk in the park, or a hike in the hills.

If you're looking for a bodywork instructor near you, first ask around to find the most gifted practitioner in your neighborhood. Often the best practitioner has studied one discipline deeply, and augmented that with study in other disciplines. You can also check our Links and Resources page for websites that will help you.

Core elements of The Well-Balanced Pianist programs
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What students say

"Judy Huston [Aston-Patterning, CO] understands my body more than anyone else I've encountered."
— Rebecca Olsson, collaborative pianist and teacher
Princeton, New Jersey

"Sharon Oliensis is a masterful and sensitive practitioner of the Feldenkrais Method. I have experienced excellent results working with her, and I'm eager to recommend her to all who wish to improve health and feel more comfortable in body and spirit. Over the years Sharon has significantly improved my pain from scoliosis and injuries. Moreover I have experienced great benefit as a singer. I am more grounded, and the work has promoted greater open-throated ease in breathing. The Method produces natural energy and a feeling of well-being, and I have the warmest praise for Sharon."
— Lulu Hazouri
Singer and Actress, New York City

"I gained a tremendous amount of kinesthetic awareness of my body in its orientation to the piano from my studies with Ariel Weiss [Alexander Technique, PA]. Her keen and specific direction and focused determination to help me do what I love doing the most has helped me play with more facility and unhampered energy. It was a great honor to work with her, and I have the highest praise for the artistry with which she does her essentially life-changing work."
— Amy Yang, pianist and graduate student at The Yale School of Music, graduates of The Curtis Institute of Music and The Juilliard School

"Judy Huston is a phenomenal body practitioner. She has an amazing ability to assess physical problems and offer practical solutions. Her work is very subtle and yet the results are far-reaching. After a session with her, I floated out of the room!"
— -- H.H., pianist and college music instructor
Vancouver, Canada

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