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Dr. Teresa Dybvig, Director and Piano Instructor

Susan Nowicki, Piano Instructor

Judy Huston, Aston-Patterning Specialist

Sharon Oliensis, Feldenkrais Method Specialist

Ariel Weiss, Alexander Technique Instructor

Dorothea Cook, Licensed and Certified Dalcroze Instructor

Joe Stoller, Massage Therapist, Movement Specialist, Qigong Instructor

Thomas Mullaney, O Passo Instructor

Jan Krzywicki, Guest Speaker (Composer)

Dr. Sarah E. Church, Learning styles consultant

Carol Eugenia Burns, Yoga instructor

Bob Schlesinger, Feldenkrais Method Specialist

Chris Saudek, Yoga Instructor

Gulchin Tarabus, Orff-Schulwerk presenter

Teresa Dybvig and Susan Nowicki at
The Balanced Pianist Colorado 2006.

Teresa Dybvig

Teresa Dybvig's CD Click to listen to a sample of
Teresa Dybvig's CD

Susan Nowicki and Teresa Dybvig
Susan Nowicki and Teresa Dybvig performing duets

Teresa Dybvig

PERFORMANCE  Pianist Teresa Dybvig played the piano from a young age, performing her first full-length solo recital at the age of thirteen. Today she performs as a soloist and chamber musician throughout the US, in Europe, and in the Mideast. A CD featuring her performance of works by Debussy, Hughes, Beethoven, Talma, and Chopin is now available. For more about Teresa Dybvig, to listen to a clip from audio recordings, or read some of her articles, please visit (opens in a new window).

EDUCATION  She holds a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Piano Performance from Yale University School of Music. She received the Bachelor of Music in piano performance, with High Distinction, and the Master's degree in piano performance, with Distinction, from Indiana University. Numerous prizes and scholarships, including the Charles H. Ditson Award for Outstanding Performer, a full scholarship at Yale, and the Honors Scholarship at Indiana, supported her education and performance. Her most influential major teachers include Peter Frankl, Boris Berman, and James Tocco. While she was working on her degree from Yale, she began studying Dorothy Taubman's approach to piano technique with Edna Golandsky in Manhattan, which she continued for many years.

TEACHING  Dr. Dybvig's expertise is much sought after. Not only does she teach privately at home in Long Island, her busy teaching schedule also regularly takes her to students in Long Island, Manhattan, Denver, and Chicago. She also traveled to teach in La Crosse, WI and St. Paul, MN for many years. She was a member of the faculty of the Taubman Institute of Piano from 1995 to 2002, and the Golandsky Institute, through 2004. She also taught undergraduate music theory, formal analysis, music literature, and ear-training at Indiana University and Boston University. In 2003, she founded The Balanced Pianist, now The Well-Balanced Pianist, programs in order to provide participants with a place to learn healthy physical and mental practice, performing, and teaching habits in a supportive, interactive atmosphere.

In conjunction with her specialty in helping pianists with injuries to play in a healthier and more effective way, Dr. Dybvig has developed a sub-specialty of teaching pianists with focal hand dystonia to change their incoordinate habits and return to playing. Clavier published an article in February 2007 about her work with dystonia, entitled "Moving Naturally." In August 2007 she presented a poster showing her observations about the incoordinate habits of pianists with dystonia and their preferable alternatives at the NCKP conference in Chicago. In 2008, she presented a talk about her work at the International Congress on Musicians' Medicine in Milan, Italy. She also offers special day-long sessions for pianists with dystonia before some Well-Balanced Pianist programs. In July 2011, Dr. Dybvig gave a 45-minute presentation with video demonstrations about her work with pianists with dystonia at the National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy.

LECTURES  Teresa Dybvig is frequently asked by colleges and other music organizations to present lectures and master classes on both the interpretive and technical aspects of playing the piano. Her lectures focus on three distinct areas: Dorothy Taubman's approach to piano technique, the application of the Dunn and Dunn learning styles model to teaching piano, and Music by Women. Her lectures have been heard in many colleges and music teacher's organizations in thirteen states of the U.S. and three cities in Turkey.

Upcoming Events
New York
June 2019

Susan Nowicki

Susan Nowicki

PERFORMANCE  Susan Nowicki has served as coach, assistant chorus master, and continuo performer for the Philadelphia Singers, Opera Company of Philadelphia, the Opera Festival of New Jersey and the Philadelphia Classical Symphony among others, and served as musical assistant for the Philadelphia Singers' three RCA Red Seal releases. Ms. Nowicki has performed throughout the United States on piano, fortepiano and harpsichord, as soloist and in collaboration with singers and instrumentalists such as Pamela Frank, Peter Lloyd, and Emily Golden, performs frequently with members of the Philadelphia Orchestra, and has toured with Community Concerts under the auspices of CAMI. An avid performer of contemporary music, Ms Nowicki has premiered and performed works with Network for New Music and Orchestra 2001, and has recorded contemporary music for the Albany, Capstone and North-South labels. With trumpeter Terry Everson she has toured nationally and released CDs of recent music for the International Trumpet Guild and De Haske labels. She has also produced and performed on a release of chamber works by Jan Krzywicki for Albany Records.

TEACHING  Susan Nowicki is a faculty member of the Curtis Institute of Music where she coaches for the Vocal Studies Department. Ms. Nowicki is in demand as an adjudicator and clinician for music festivals and competitions. She maintains private piano studios in Philadelphia, PA, and Lawrenceville, NJ, was a faculty member of the Taubman and Golandsky Institutes from 1997 through 2005, and has been a Piano Instructor for the Well-Balanced Pianist since 2003.

Susan Nowicki played a fabulous recital, taught lessons, and gave a clinic at Piano Camp in Setauket 2003, and was a piano instructor and clinician at The Balanced Pianist Colorado 2006, The Balanced Pianist Colorado 2007, and The Balanced Pianist Wisconsin 2007, The Balanced Pianist Colorado 2008, The Balanced Pianist Wisconsin 2008, The Well-Balanced Pianist Colorado 2009, and The Well-Balanced Pianist Colorado 2010. In addition to serving as instructor and clinician, she hosted The Balanced Pianist Pennsylvania 2008, The Well-Balanced Pianist Pennsylvania 2009, The Well-Balanced Pianist Pennsylvania 2010, and The Well-Balanced Pianist Pennsylvania 2011! She returned to The Well-Balanced Pianist Colorado 2012, and many programs since, to contribute her spirit and expertise to the gathering! Et cetera, et cetera! This "little" paragraph is getting really long. Let's just state the obvious and say that Susan's spirit and expertise have become an integral part of The Well-Balanced Pianist. We truly hope she will join us for many years to come.

Judy Huston

Judy Huston

TEACHING AND BODYWORK Judy Huston works with clients who need help with rehabilitation and recovery from injuries, surgery, and repetitive motion disorders. She works within the paradigms of Aston-Patterning and Craniosacral Therapy, offering private bodywork and movement sessions as well as classes. She has also taught piano since she was 17, when she began by apprentice teaching with her mother, Eloise Ristad.

EDUCATION Ms. Huston was trained by Judith Aston, internationally renowned somatic therapy innovator, and Anna and John Chitty, local innovators in Polarity Therapy and Craniosacral Biodynamics. She received her undergraduate degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy in 1990 from the University of Colorado, where she studied with Doris Pridinoff Lehnert and David Burge. After 25 years of teaching music, and observing the bodies of her students, Judy decided to broaden her understanding of the body. After receiving Aston-Patterning sessions for a dance injury, she found a passion for that body of work. She completed the Aston Fitness Training program in 1993, the Aston-Patterning certification training under Judith Aston in 1995, and the Aston Arthro-Kinetics program in 1999. In 2002, she began the Certification training in Craniosacral Biodynamics, and completed requirements for certification in August of 2004. She is currently taking additional training in Somatic Experiencing from a Craniosacral viewpoint from Anna Chitty.

Judy has always danced, from ballet and modern to international folk and African, to contact improvisation. At the age of 30, with two small children, she took up gymnastics and later, springboard diving.

You can learn a lot about Judy Huston and her work, and read her thoughtful and informative monthly newsletter, at

Judy Huston taught classes and gave individual sessions in movement and massage at The Balanced Pianist Colorado 2006. In addition to giving classes and individual sessions at The Balanced Pianist Colorado 2007, she also gave a talk with activities and discussion on Movement, Habit, Learning, and the Mind. At The Balanced Pianist Colorado 2008, she gave classes, individual sessions, and a lecture with activities, Brain twisters: challenging your brain to learn in new ways. She participated again in The Well-Balanced Pianist 2009 and The Well-Balanced Pianist Colorado 2010. She joined us again at The Well-Balanced Pianist Colorado 2012, 2014, and 2016, with classes, individual sessions, a class on anatomy, and a clinic on fitness for pianists. Et cetera, et cetera! Like Susan's, Judy's contribution to The Well-Balanced Pianist is becoming difficult to keep track of! We hope she will work with us for many years to come.

Sharon Oliensis

Sharon Oliensis

Sharon Oliensis began studying the Feldenkrais Method® in 1987 as a professional dancer because it helped her with both the technical and artistic aspects of dance, as well as preventing recurrent back spasms.

Sharon graduated from a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Training Program with Frank Wildman in 1993. In 2001 she completed a three year mentoring training with Larry Goldfarb, and in 2006, completed a Children's Mastery Training with Anat Baniel.

Sharon has been teaching group classes and private lessons in the Feldenkrais Method since 1993. These have included ongoing classes for the New York times, the Peninsula Spa, Time Warner, and the 63rd St. YMCA. She has been a guest presenter for Bristol Meyers, Lord & Taylor, Purchase College Pilates Center, Manhattan College, and the Feldenkrais Institute. Ms. Oliensis is currently on the faculty of the Feldenkrais Learning Center and the New School Creative Arts Therapies program.

Ms. Oliensis works with a wide variety of clients. She specializes in working with dancers, actors, musicians, and visual artists to help them learn how subtle shifts in the ways they move can dramatically enhance their performing and technical skills and increase their longevity. Stress and injury-related pain can often be eliminated or significantly reduced easily and quickly through the Feldenkrais Method.

Sharon Oliensis taught Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement classes, and gave private sessions at The Well-Balanced Pianist New York 2013 in Stony Brook, New York. She joined us again for The Well-Balanced Pianist New York 2015, and her private lessons and classes were also a big hit at The Well-Balanced Pianist Colorado 2016 and The Well-Balanced Pianist Colorado 2018 .She will join us again for our New York 2019 program, and, we hope, for many more to come!

Ariel Weiss

Ariel Weiss

Ariel Weiss has maintained a private practice teaching Alexander Technique in Philadelphia since certifying to teach in 1988. She is a teaching member of Alexander Technique International and also studied extensively with Master Teacher Marjorie Barstow. Ariel is a faculty member at the Curtis Institute of Music and the University of the Arts, and is also guest faculty for teacher training programs at the Philadelphia School for the Alexander Technique and Bill Harvey’s Biodynamic Structural Integration Training, Active as a dancer and choreographer for most of her life, she brings over 40 years of movement training to her practice with a Master’s degree from Wesleyan University in Movement and Dance and training in modern dance, ballet, contact improvisation, T'ai Chi, Laban Movement Analysis, and Bartenieff Fundamentals. She has created and taught numerous workshops introducing Alexander Technique for communities at Temple, Lehigh and DeSales Universities, the Academy of Vocal Arts, Settlement Music School, the American College Dance Festival Association and the Walnut Street Theatre, among others. For more information listen to a podcast interview or visit her website.

Ariel Weiss instructed us in Alexander Technique at The Balanced Pianist Pennsylvania 2008,The Well-Balanced Pianist Pennsylvania 2009,, and The Well-Balanced Pianist Pennsylvania 2010, and The Well-Balanced Pianist Pennsylvania 2011 in Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania. She guided our participants in healthy movement again at The Well-Balanced Pianist Pennsylvania 2013 and 2015.

Dorothea Cook

Dorothea Cook

A native of Seattle, Washington, Dorothea Cook (”Deede” to her friends) majored in performance at the University of Washington where she studied violin with Vilem Sokol and Emanuel Zetlin. She augmented her college education with summer course work in England with violin pedagogue Kato Havas and in France at the Fontainebleau Summer Institute, studying theory and solfege under the direction of Robert Levin and Nadia Boulanger. An active interest in the psychology of performance led her to work with Eloise Ristad and Lowell Roddenberry, both pioneers in the field of stress management for artists.

After many years as a professional violinist in Seattle’s lively musical scene, Deede moved to Long Island, NY where she taught privately and completed a multidisciplinary degree in music and psychology at Stony Brook University. Her studies included jazz improvisation with Ray Anderson and Todd Coolman, and continuo realization with Arthur Haas. Her search for a holistic approach to music education led her to the pedagogy of Emile-Jaques Dalcroze, which she studied in New York City at the Dalcroze School of America and the Diller-Quaile School of Music, working with Robert Abramson, Ruth Alperson, and Anne Farber. She is a certified and licensed Dalcroze instructor who has taught Dalcroze Eurythmics at the Lucy Moses School of Music and Dance, the Stony Brook Summer Music Festival, the Diller-Quaile School of Music, and the Westchester Suzuki Institute. She has conducted Dalcroze classes for adults at Williams College, C.W. Post, Hunter College, and the Midsummer Adult Piano Retreat in the Berkshires. Ms. Cook has received teacher training in the Suzuki Violin Method from renowned Suzuki teacher, Ronda Cole, as well as the violin pedagogy based on American fiddle tunes created by violinist/fiddler, Mark O'Connor.

Ms. Cook is co-director of the Stony Brook University Community Music Program where she teaches Music Basics for Kids, a Dalcroze based program for children. She teaches a graduate course, "Musical Learning: The Body and Eurhythmics" for the Stony Brook University School of Professional Development. She is also on the faculty of The Knox School in St. James, NY, where she directs a string and chamber music program for middle school and high school students.

In addition to her teaching activities, Deede plays Baroque violin and viola in period music ensembles, including the Stony Brook Baroque Players, and performs with the violin/piano duo Silken Rags with her husband, composer-pianist, Peter Winkler.

Dorothea Cook taught an enlightening Dalcroze class for us at The Well-Balanced Pianist New York 2015 in Stony Brook, New York.

Joe Stoller

Joe Stoller

Joe Stoller is a teacher and bodyworker whose work is dedicated to helping people with specific hardships and general callings to feel more healthy, vibrant and balanced. His approach integrates a multi-layered and multi-dimensional understanding of human being. His formal study of body-mind-spiritual arts began in 1997 with, Taiji Chuan, Qigong, Yoga, Buddhist meditation, Contemporary Dance and Contact Improvisation, all of which he encountered while earning his BA in History and Chinese Cultural Studies at Reed Collage.

Upon receipt of his BA, Joe received a Watson Fellowship to research, perform and teach Contact Improvisation in a project studying its relationship to local cultural contexts in 13 countries around the world. This began his teaching career, which was initially focused on Contact Improvisation. Over time he became more oriented toward health and wellbeing, which led him to extensive study of Qigong, the Feldenkrais Method, and Massage Therapy. He has studied numerous styles of Western and Eastern Bodywork, including Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue Therapy, Shiatsu, TuiNa, and Phenomenal Touch Massage. He is a Registered Massage Therapist, a certified Sheng Zhen Qigong teacher and is currently in a Feldenkrais teacher training program led by Dennis Leri.

Joe spends a majority of the year working at the Present Moment Retreat center in Mexico, offering Qigong classes, bodywork sessions, and teaching anatomy for Yoga teacher trainings. His work there is integrative in nature and balances specificity with a holistic, multilayered approach.

Joe taught Qigong and did private bodywork with participants at The Well-Balanced Pianist Colorado 2014 in Lakewood, Colorado.

Thomas Mullaney

Thomas Mullaney

Tom Mullaney currently teaches choral and general music at the Quibbletown Middle School in Piscataway, New Jersey. Here he received the Governor's Teacher of the Year Award for the 2011-2012 school year. Tom taught K-5 general and choral music at the Bangs Avenue Elementary School in Asbury Park, New Jersey and high school band in Point Pleasant Boro, New Jersey. He has studied voice with Elem Eley, Nancy Froysland Hoerl, and Dr. Jeffrey Unger. He has worked extensively as an electric bassist playing salsa, jazz, musical theatre, rock, blues, reggae, and original music. He has played with Victor Venegas, Johnny Pacheco, and The Drifters featuring Rick Sheppard. He holds a BA from Rutgers College in Psychology and Music, and a Master of Music Education from Westminster Choir College of Rider University.

Tom took his first O Passo course with Lucas Ciavatta in July 2009. He soon started communicating with Ciavatta, and began using O Passo in his own musical practice, as well as in the teaching of his general music classes and choir rehearsals. He began presenting O Passo workshops for the Music of the Caribbean class at Rutgers University in the spring of 2010. In October 2011, he presented an O Passo training workshop at the Well-Balanced Pianist piano conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In November 2011, Tom presented a two-day O Passo in-service training for the K-8 music faculty in the Piscataway School District. Tom was granted a professional leave-of-absence for April 2012 by the Piscataway School District to study O Passo with Lucas Ciavatta in Rio de Janeiro. He presented a two-day in-service for the Pennsbury School District in August, 2012. In June 2012, Tom began organizing O Passo in the United States meetings in Princeton, NJ for musicians that previously took Lucas' workshops at Westminster, and for anyone interested in working with O Passo. He is the head contact for O.P.U.S.

Thomas Mullaney taught us a class in O Passo at The Well-Balanced Pianist Pennsylvania 2011 in Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania. He joined us again for classes and private sessions in The Well-Balanced Pianist Pennsylvania 2013.

Jan Krzywicki

Jan Krzywicki

Jan Krzywicki is active as a composer, conductor and educator. His works have been widely performed by ensembles such as the Colorado Quartet, the Pennsylvania Ballet, the Chestnut Brass Company; at conferences of the Society of Composers Inc., the College Music Society; and on National Public Radio. He has received commissions from prestigious performers and organizations, and is the recipient of ASCAP, Meet the Composer, Aaron Copland Fund awards, and a Pew Fellowship in the Arts. His work is published by Alphonse Leduc Cie, Theodore Presser Co., Penn Oak Press, Lyra Music Company, and Heilman Music, and can be heard on the Capstone, Albany, North/South, and De Haske labels. As a conductor he has led chamber and orchestral groups in literature from the Middle Ages to the present, and since 1990 has been particularly active as conductor for the contemporary ensemble Network for New Music, leading a large number of local and world premieres. Mr. Krzywicki is a member of the music theory department at Temple University's Esther Boyer College of Music.

Jan Krzywicki guided us in an exploration of dances and styles in Mozart and Haydn at The Well-Balanced Pianist Pennsylvania 2009 in Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania.

Sarah Church

Sarah E. Church

Sarah E. Church is an assistant professor at Hostos College, City University of New York. She received an Ed.D in Instructional Leadership from St. John's University, Ed.M in Human Development and Psychology at Harvard Graduate School of Education, and A.B. in Psychology from Brooklyn College. Dr. Church has 25 years of experience in higher-education teaching and leadership. Her doctoral degree adviser was Professor Rita Dunn, co-creator of the Dunn and Dunn Learning-Styles Model.

Dr. Church collaborates with Teresa Dybvig on research in using the Dunn and Dunn Learning Styles Model in the private studio. The fruit of their collaboration can be seen in the lecture, "Teaching the Student, Not the Material," that Teresa Dybvig gave at The Balanced Pianist Long Island 2004, and revised for The Balanced Pianist Colorado 2006; and also in the poster, "Strengthening Musical Memory Using the Dunn & Dunn Learning Styles Perceptual Modalities."

Carol Burns

Carol Eugenia Burns

YOGA  Carol Eugenia Burns is a certified Yoga instructor in the tradition of B.K.S. Iyengar. She has practiced and taught this form of Yoga for over twenty-five years. Carol helped establish the Iyengar Yoga Institute of New York, in Manhattan, and served as Secretary and, later, President, of the Iyengar Yoga Association of Greater New York.

EDUCATION  Carol Burns studied with the Senior teachers Mary Dunn in Manhattan and Radames Silvestri in Venice, Italy, and with B.K.S. Iyengar in both India and the United States. She holds a Ph.D. in art and architecture, specializing in Venetian Renaissance Architecture.

TEACHING  Ms. Burns teaches Yoga to people of all ages and body types, in all stages of life and health. She introduced Iyengar yoga to the Brookhaven/Bellport area of Long Island in 1991, where she presently teaches private lessons, group classes, and workshops. Carol also teaches Yoga in Manhattan and in Tuscany, Italy, and teaches Pranayama (breathing practices) in Smithtown, Long Island. Ms. Burns has taught Yoga to artists and art historians since 1980, focusing on the architecture of the body. She has taught Yoga to musicians in Italy and New York for over 20 years, teaching her students how to avoid pain in the body from practicing and/or teaching, as well as demonstrating the beneficial effects of Yoga in playing music.

Carol also delights in playing Classical music on the piano.

Carol Eugenia Burns taught the yoga classes at Piano Camp in Setauket 2003 and The Balanced Pianist seminars in Long Island, NY in February and November 2004.

Bob Schlesinger

Bob Schlesinger has been a professional musician for over thirty years - touring the country playing jazz, the blues, and R&B. He received his degree in composition from the University of Colorado. He first encountered the Feldenkrais Method in the 1980’s when searching for relief from wrist pain while playing piano.

After twenty years of studying the Feldenkrais Method, Bob trained to become a practitioner with Yvon Joly in Santa Fe and Denis Leritook in Denver.

Bob gigs regularly, is a studio musician, composes music for film, and teaches music and Feldenkrais in Boulder.

Bob Schlesinger taught classes and gave private sessions at The Well-Balanced Pianist Colorado in July 2012.

Chris Saudek

Chris Saudek

Chris Saudek is the owner of The Yoga Place in La Crosse Wisconsin where she teaches all levels of classes, including a Special Needs class. She is a senior certified Iyengar yoga teacher and a devoted student of the Iyengars. She has traveled to India on many occasions to study yoga at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute.

Chris's training as a physical therapist gives her a special insight into students' physical limitations and challenges. In addition to teaching and directing The Yoga Place, Chris trains teachers of yoga and is a guest workshop instructor at studios throughout the United States.

Chris Saudek taught classes and individual sessions in Yoga at The Balanced Pianist Wisconsin 2007 at Viterbo University in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Gulchin Tarabus
Photo by Christina Larsen

Gulchin Tarabus

Gulchin Tarabus has been teaching music in elementary schools for 14 years, and currently teaches in the Oak Park Public School District in Oak Park, Illinois. She specializes in Orff-Schulwerk, in which she received the Level 3 certification from St.Thomas University. She served for four years on the Greater Chicago American Orff Schulwerk Association as historian, assistant program chair and program chair. Gulchin also has a private studio of piano students from children through adults.

Ms. Tarabus attended Mannes College of Music as a Theory major and went on to receive her music education degree from Elmhurst College. She is currently the publicity chair for Chicago Area Music Teacher's Association. Gulchin currently studies piano with Heidi Mayer and Teresa Dybvig.

Ms. Tarabus has had a varied career in piano performance, ever since playing her first hour-length recital by ear when she was four years old. When she was 9 she won the Honorable Mention Prize for the Chicago Youth Symphony Auditions and she played with the symphony at age 10. She continued to compete nationally and received a full scholarship to attend both the Interlochen Arts Academy and the summer camp. After many years of performing mainly with her school choruses and a rock and roll band, she is performing solo music again. Recently she performed Shostakovich's Three Fantastic Dances at a her local Chicago Area Music Teacher's Association workshop, and also performed a few Scarlatti sonatas at the William Browning Memorial concert held at the Fazioli Studio in Chicago's Fine Arts Building. Ms. Tarabus is currently working on preparing a full length solo recital. Ms. Tarabus is thrilled to be playing piano again at a level of ease and enjoyment she had never experienced before.

Gulchin Tarabus presented a special evening program, Integrating Our Senses, at The Balanced Pianist Wisconsin 2008 at Viterbo University in La Crosse, Wisconsin.