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The Well-Balanced Pianist Program

Participants in The Well-Balanced Pianist programs experience full schedules of lessons and clinics, packed with supportive interaction among all participants and teachers.

Our piano instructor Susan Nowicki likes to say "we offer cutting edge information in a homey atmosphere."

It's true. With rare exceptions, our venues are not glamorous, and we don't include expensive outings or engage prize-winning pianists to play concerts. Instead, we offer information about how to improve your playing, performing, and teaching—lots of it—in a fun, supportive, and interactive atmosphere filled with curiosity and a spirit of adventure. On this page you will find links to various pages on the site with different kinds of information about the program.

First are the core elements of The Well-Balanced Pianist programs:

You can also read about the curriculum of The Well-Balanced Pianist programs, and how it came about.

Here you can read about Instructors who have participated in The Well-Balanced Pianist programs.

Are you wondering what participants say about The Well-Balanced Pianist and the faculty? Here you can find testimonials of all kinds.

Are you looking for a teacher? You can contact us for a recommendation. You might also want to consider Webcam lessons with The Well-Balanced Pianist Director and Piano Instructor Teresa Dybvig.

If you're wondering what a Well-Balanced Pianist is, here is a partial answer!

What is unique about The Well-Balanced Pianist? also gets to the heart of why we offer these programs.

Schedules change every time we put on a program, because of comments from evaluations or availability of faculty and facilities. But these samples give you a good indication of what to expect at a program.


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Read testimonials of all sorts!