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Evaluation Quotes

From Anonymous Evaluations of The Well-Balanced Pianist Programs:

"This was the best program of this type I have attended in a very long time."

"ALL of the faculty are so warm and generous with their knowledge, expertise,and encouragement... they make this institute the unique and necessary thing it is."

"The mind/body connection as regards piano has made me learn a lot. And I expect to see continued growth as a result of this experience."

"Ariel is a very knowledgeable Alexander teacher and I really enjoyed our group class this year... It was great to have individual work with her after the group introduction."

"Memory is one of my biggest fears, but seeing others play and test new methods in the memory class helped me realize how I can change."

"The mealtime discussions were a good morale booster."

"Lessons were fabulous! I love working with partners as well."

"Aston-Patterning sessions were eye-opening. I love the way Judy works with people."

"Judy's Aston-Patterning work has changed my whole outlook on life."

"Thank you for all the help in not just understanding how to approach the piano, but how to better understand the psychology of myself. I'm sure we will once again cross paths! I had a lot of fantastic experiences here."

"I love the variety and depth of the clinics. All the immediate application was fantastic!"

"I feel like I have begun to realize that I can be a better self-teacher and progress just as much on my own as with my teachers."

"This program has brought awareness to my body in was I've never known before, and has really helped me understand focusing on learning goals instead of result goals."

"You gave us new modalities in the performance class AGAIN -- after four years!"

"Group lessons are way more fun than individual lessons! Open, shared learning seems to go deeper into the brain."

"The perseverance material in the opening talk was a great springboard for the week."

"This program met my expectations and then some. I was hoping I could integrate my piano practicive activities with bodywork, and this year I succeeded beyond my wildest dreams."


"Perseverance has taken on a whole new meaning for me in the last six days!"

"I love all the work you do here -- thank you for a really great week."

"The interactive joining of minds in the partner groups greatly increases the speed of learning."

"I feel more interested in pursuing playing again than I have in a very long time."

"This program was an exercise in 'Seize the Day'."

"I was only planning to solidify my ability to incorporate Taubman into my playing -- not re-vamping my entire attitude towards life!"

"Terry and Susan brought the most amazing combo of smarts/learning; experience/understanding; creativity/fun, hope and willingness to empathize and allow for emotion and discussion -- also they are very strong and capable leaders -- yet they allow so much room for discussion and other ideas."

"The program was useful and well balanced (!) Susan and Terry are -- really -- exceptional teachers... The non-competitive tone is very important, the emphasis on wholeness also as significant."

"Aston-Patterning was a highlight for me, terrific, wonderful."

"The Performance Mindset master class was great, extremely creative."

"The Learning Styles session opened up a new understanding of myself."

"I'm really playing again, which is so wonderful."

"This program helped my technique, my mindset, my general attitude and enthusiasm for life!:)"

"A well-organized program -- intensive, but not high pressure or stressful. Successfully accommodated many levels of ability."

"The lessons were extremely productive -- working with others toward the same goals is very powerful."

"I loved the yoga -- I wish we could have done some every day!"

"The Performance Mindset material really helped me center at the recital."

"The Memory and Learning Styles session was so interesting and well presented!"

"The Memory and Learning Styles workshop was a near-epiphany."

"I feel so much more aware of my body and my hands, and I also have grown in confidence!"

"I really appreciate the positive, energetic environment that you have created."

"The program is terrific! There really isn't anything else like this to be found."

"Thanks for the Learning Styles tools for both insight into self and others."

"This program showed me I could learn in a different, more fun way, gave me specific tools to change to a positive mindset, that I was getting in the way of my own progress."

"I was sad to see the week end because I was learning and enjoying the learning so much, but it's been fun to notice that I'm also really excited to move on from here and see what I can do now."

"The feeling of community was also very special--there was nothing put on here, it was all so genuinely supportive and amicable."

"Meeting and talking with and hearing people talk about the realities of their own journeys was very helpful to me."

"The atmosphere was wonderful. The people were easy to get along with. The food was tasty. I could go on and on. I would highly recommend it to anyone who was interested."

"Partner groups were my favorite part. Fixed many problems of mine while others learned from it."

"Partners: Excellent idea, excellent grouping. It was a terrific way to learn to detect problems and/or good elements in someone else's playing."

"Partner groups: a brilliant stroke of genius!"

"I felt great after the yoga class."

"…the balance between video sessions, lessons and observation lessons was perfect."

"The mealtime discussions were lots of fun, and helpful to have everyone's point of view."

"I have been thinking about the learning styles segment a lot and observing my own students through a new lens."

"I think the beach outings were a great idea. I think it's very important that people totally be able to get away from the intense atmosphere for awhile, see nature, and clear their heads. It was a nice way for people to socialize and get to know each other."

"I loved that the program addressed both technical and personal aspects of one's development as a pianist. The individual attention was phenomenal."

"It is a wonderfully supportive atmosphere -- I was pleased to experience the different kinds of musicians -- from conservatory products, graduate students in music, plus the people like me with relatively little formal training."

"The lessons were very inspiring, informative, and I began to clarify so much about my playing."

"The clinics [healthy computer use, blocking, shaping, the torso in piano playing, teaching children] were great, but I wish they would not have all been on the same day so I could have gone to more of them!"

"The mealtime mindset discussions were always insightful."

"As always, Judy [Aston-Patterning] is a font of knowledge."

"The presentation of the opening talk and exercises was excellent. I think people took it to heart, as some incredible changes were evidenced by the end of the week."

"Yes, [the program met my expectationsI, I had hoped for a while to find a smaller, less "glitzy" program that would cater to my specific needs as a person struggling with physical and mental challenges at the piano.

"I wasn't made to feel like I was "serving" the program... I loved the high-level social interconnectedness this program fostered and encouraged with every participant. I loved seeing everyone grow so much in a concentrated time span."

"Lessons were marvelous. Terry is wonderfully sensitive to both my mental and physical journeys."

"The program met my expectations -- it helped me find my proper alignment so I can play without pain."

"Terry -- your incredible attention to detail has rubbed off on me and now I constantly watch myself and others. Thank you.

"Susan -- thank you for your patience. You truly are the best teacher I have ever had. Just being able to watch your hands is an honor. I have learned so much from you. I hope you realize how much you have done for me."

"I'm grateful to have such an inspiring opportunity to advance my playing, and to hear the wonderful music the others play."

"The program absolutely met my expectations. I wanted to hear other pianists as they received their lessons, thus supplementing my own. Clinics were also very rewarding as they focused on specific topics."

"I feel like I've become much more aware of my body. I have so much information -- I can't wait to see how I feel in a month after these things have had a chance to 'sink in' in my practicing.."

"As usual, the teaching and other activities were terrific."

"The mealtime mindset discussions were helpful for identifying and be able to relate to other people's perfectionism."

"This was a very helpful experience. See you next year I hope!"

"You both are amazing. I can't believe what you can give in five days."

"This was an inspiring, well-organized workshop. The people were wonderful!"

"The program helped me grow both in helping my mental thoughts become more constructive and in giving me practical tools to free my hands."

" Judy, Susan, and Terry -- Thank you so much. I can't say more or I'll start to cry (again!) and my tissue supply is running low. Also I'm on the plane and I'm afraid the man next to me will ring for the attendant!"

"Thank you, Terry and Susan, for your superb teaching, and your never-failing kindness and support."

"The evening performance class helped me come to grips with my own anxieties."

"The partner groups are probably the best way to help us learn."

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A note to you from director Teresa Dybvig:

On this page you will find quotes from anonymous evaluations people filled out after attending various programs of The Well-Balanced Pianist.

Helpful people have gently informed me that these quotes are worthless. Anyone can write a nice testimonial and say, "a participant said that - really! - I didn't make it up!"

Believe me, I don't have time to make up sham evaluation quotes! Besides, if I wanted to do that, I could invent a name and vocation too. And I think these are of value because they are so personal and spontaneous.

Now you can also now read signed testimonials in addition to participants' contributions to the page entitled Is The Well-Balanced Pianist for you?).

With those thoughts, I offer you these quotes from REAL anonymous evaluations!
--Teresa Dybvig