Clinic 1
Undemanding walk. A lovely walk at the base of the foothills. Comfortable shoes, lightweight clothing, a hat, and sunscreen are recommended. Decoding the sound of the score. Susan Nowicki will explore composers’ notation and instructions with you, to help you develop a concept and character of a piece before actually hearing it.
Clinic 2
Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Class. Sharon Oliensis will verbally guide you through a series of gentle movements designed to reduce extraneous muscular tension while enabling you to recover or discover your own natural grace, precision, and power. Your wish for greater ease and your attention is all that is required. Creating dynamics you can hear. Have you experienced the frustration of realizing your dynamics aren't audible? In this clinic, Teresa Dybvig will share specific ways to create a range of dynamics on the piano with you that are efficient, and healthy. Please bring places in your pieces that present dynamic challenges.
Sunday Clinic 3 Duet workshop. We will begin this workshop with everyone starting their duets strongly, according to their performance script. Then, Susan Nowicki and Teresa Dybvig will coach participants in essential duet skills.