Clinic 1
Undemanding walk. A lovely walk at the base of the foothills. Comfortable shoes, lightweight clothing, a hat, and sunscreen are recommended. Basic Improv - More Than "All That Jazz!" Susan Nowicki will show you how she fosters creativity and freedom at the keyboard right from the beginning, using variation, patterning, lead sheets and more!
Clinic 2
How is playing the piano like tennis? Can you be more physically fit for the endeavor of playing the piano? In addition to physically preparing for playing in different registers and executing larger gestures and difficult reaches, you can also improve your physical fitness for playing the piano. Judy Huston will teach you about parts of your body that need strengthening, stretching, and loosening, as well as common pitfalls to avoid in your fitness routines. Come with questions about your own workouts, daily activities, and practice sessions at the piano. Playing with a toned hand. Do your fingers feel tense, heavy, or sluggish while playing? The hand, perhaps more than any other part of the body, epitomizes the pianistic challenge of precisely balancing tension and relaxation. Teresa Dybvig will help you learn how to find find the optimal tone in your hand so that playing feels light, loose, and solid. Please bring melodic, scalar and chordal passages from your pieces to work with in this clinic.
Sunday Clinic 3 Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Class. Sharon Oliensis will verbally guide you through a series of gentle movements designed to reduce extraneous muscular tension while enabling you to recover or discover your own natural grace, precision, and power. Your wish for greater ease and your attention are all that is required. Release, release, release. What do we mean when we say "release"? Where do we feel release at the piano, in our bodies and in the music? Explore elements which contribute to increased comfort and ease at the piano, as well as more satisfying sound production and dynamic control, with Susan Nowicki.