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Healthy piano technique

Healthy piano technique is a core element of every Well-Balanced Pianist program.

Everyone can play the piano well. As a bonus, the healthy movements that allow you to play your best will also allow you to play comfortably for your entire life! And healthy technique is for players of every style of music.

The Taubman approach to piano technique teaches the most subtle cooperation among the parts of the body you use to play the piano. Therefore, it opens the door to your greatest facility and widest range of sound and volume. These elements are so intertwined with interpretive choices that it can be difficult to know where technique ends and music begins! Of course, in the end that is simple: your technique allows you to make the music you want to make.

People are sometimes surprised at how easy it is to make changes in their technique. Of course, you have to concentrate, but remarkable changes can be made without tedious exercises or depriving yourself of music you enjoy. And at The Well-Balanced Pianist, we cultivate a spirit of curiosity and exploration that helps people make the most of new information.

With clinics on elements such as "basic movements", "octaves," "the thumb," "blocking," and "shaping," piano instructors Teresa Dybvig and Susan Nowicki instruct participants in the fundamental components of playing the piano. These master teachers of the Taubman approach to piano technique also address individual needs during the course of private lessons. Their goal is always to remove technical barriers, and help people play the music they want, the way they want.

Core elements of The Well-Balanced Pianist programs
Musicianship Healthy piano technique Healthy mindset Bodywork and exercise Pedagogy and communication

What students say

"What began as a test lesson quickly turned into an "oh my gosh!" experience. After years of accepting the fact that I never would be able to master certain virtuosic techniques in my piano playing, I was overwhelmed with the prospect of doing just that. With the attention and gentle, yet firm, direction given to me by Teresa Dybvig, founder of the Well-Balanced Pianist programs, I rediscovered the real joy of creating music at the keyboard... My arm muscle tension, elbow tendonitis, shoulder and back pain are gone. Freedom of physical stress has allowed me to listen more acutely to the sound production, ensemble precision, and musical line, gifting to my audience what I hope is a more satisfying, beautiful performance of the music which they came to enjoy."
— Jan Matson, collaborative pianist and collegiate staff accompanist
Rochester, Minnesota

"Working with Teresa Dybvig of The Well-Balanced Pianist has been an amazing experience. For eight years I was unable to play the piano because of dystonia in my right hand. Now, after two years of working with Teresa, I am playing "real repertoire" -- Chopin nocturnes and Winter Wind etude, Bartok Bagatelles and Schumann Fantasiestucke. Most of my symptoms have disappeared and I have hope that they will be entirely eradicated."
— H.H., pianist and college music instructor
Vancouver, Canada

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