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Poems and Lyrics 2010

We asked our Colorado 2010 participants to write poems or song lyrics during the course of the week to have fun and celebrate their process. Some wrote their own poem or lyrics, and some collaborated.

You will find their brilliant creations on this page. If you like these poems and lyrics, you will probably also like the poems our 2008 participants wrote.


First, two poems that don't go with song lyrics:

Playing cantabile with my thumb was one of my goals.
But when I first had to play, my thumb fell in a "hole"
The notes sounded harsh, each one played with a thud;
The melody was dull and came out clear as mud.
Susan taught me to play my thumb with my arm,
Now the melody rings out with a fine singer's charm.

The thumb is a powerful tool.
In fact it always wants to rule.
But just play it long
Throughout your whole song
And your hand will say,"This feels cool."

to "I'm gonna wash that man right out of my hair"

I'm gonna fix that thumb whatever I do.
I'm gonna fix that thumb whatever I do.
I'm gonna fix that thumb whatever I do
And send it on its way.

I'm gonna keep that thumb out of trouble today.
I'm gonna play that thumb in an elegant way.
If the thumb and the hand together will stay.
Then we'll be on our way.

Don't try to pull it back.
Terry says that won't go.
Just try to keep it light.
Susan says "like a pro."
Now sit down and tone your hand and do it.




If the thumb is just a problem and you cringe each time it plays.
Waste no time,
Make a change,
Yes at first it will be strange!
Just keep lifting that drumstick then play down to the key.


to "Camptown Races"

On my way to Piano camp, doo da,doo da
I learned some things to hone my skills
Oh doo da day.
Come to play all day, come to play all night
I bet next year, I'll do this again
Oh doo da day.

to "Love Me Do"

In, in and out
Walking hand and arm
Arm and finger drop
Terry and Susan...they're the best!

(Thank you! So are you!)

to "I Feel Pretty"

I feel open, oh so open.
I feel open and balanced and toned.
And my thumb no longer has a mind of its own!

I am centered, oh so centered.
I am centered and focused and down-in my falm
And I'm listening so my mindset is peaceful and calm!

I'm so happy, oh so happy
That I found Well-Balanced Pianist
And I adore my teachers for they are the finest!

to "Oops I did it again"

Oops I did it again
My fingers forgot
They forgot to drop
Oh baby baby

Oops I did it again
Please stay in your best alignment
My thumb's not all on its own.

to "Poker Face"

I wanna hold my hands like when they're down at my knees
Soft and toned they move with ease as I travel to the keys
Scales and chords arpeggios have never felt so free
When my hands fingers and arms move in synchronicity.

Oh, oh oh oh oh
Ease up your thumb or you will go numb.
Oh, oh oh oh oh oh
Ride up the key so your body will be pleased.

Can't drop my, can't drop my, can't drop my...
... wrist or knuckle bridge. Lift only enough to drop Can't drop my, can't drop my, can't drop my...
... wrist or knuckle bridge.
Lift only enough to drop.

Pu Pu Pu
Pu Pu Prep Pu Pu Prep in Place.

to "I Want to Hold Your Hand"

Oh I tell you somethin' so listen what I say.

When I say at WBP -- they want to help you play.
They want to heal your ha---and. they want to heal your hand.

And when you get there you feel happy inside.
It's such a feelin' that your music, you can't can't can't hide!

Oh yeah you should do somethin' then you'll see what I say. When you go to WBP and they will help you play.

They want to heal your ha--and, they want to heal your hand. They want to heal your ha---a---and!

Performing "I feel open"

A little thumb work

Experiencing successful movement

Acting out the demons in Chopin Bb Minor Sonata