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Opportunities to improve your musicianship are woven throughout The Well-Balanced Pianist programs. By helping remove technical barriers and improve your listening and understanding of different styles, our instructors help you to allow your inner artist to emerge.

Piano instructors Teresa Dybvig and Susan Nowicki are experienced musicians and performers who will help you bring your own unique artistry to life. In every program, you have the chance to work with them in lessons, clinics, and classes.

Performers and audience members in our Interpretation classes have the opportunity to delve into a piece of music with one of our master teachers, exploring musical styles through rhythmic, harmonic, and melodic elements.

Clinics such as "Tension and resolution in music," "Using pulse meter, and rhythm as guides to musical expression," and "Creating a variety of sounds" give you concrete tools for expression. A highlight of one of our Pennsylvania programs was Jan Krzywicki's presentation on the Baroque dance music origins of much of classical music. Knowing what dance the composer was writing helps us to express the music the way the composer heard it.

Core elements of The Well-Balanced Pianist programs
Musicianship Healthy piano technique Healthy mindset Bodywork and exercise Pedagogy and communication

What students say

"Teresa Dybvig not only was able to balance my body; her focus is always on musical expression. She has a unique gift of balancing the teaching of technical skills with the expression of music."
— Thomas B. Stuart
Accompanist and Collaborative Pianist
Long Island, New York

"My playing has improved dramatically over the past several years, and I owe it all to The Well-Balanced Pianist. They showed me what real piano instruction can and should be; they introduced me to the Taubman Technique; and they made me realize the difference between just playing the piano and making music-and showed me that I could do it (make music!), too. I guarantee that you will learn a lot, improve your piano technique, and have fun and a fabulous time. What more could the pianist-at any level-ask for?!"
— -- Mike Koscielski, Cost Analyst, U. S. Navy
El Cajon, California

"Teresa Dybvig's ultimate goal always seems to be helping me make music not only with healthy movements but also with an informed musical sense. I have worked on a variety of music with Terry, from Baroque to 20th Century and she always offers insightful comments and questions that enhance my musical interpretation and expression. The words that I feel best describe Terry's sense of musical expression are refined, precise and eloquent."
— Anna Reiser, Piano student, Lawrence University
Appleton, Wisconsin

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