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Poems and Lyrics 2012

The Colorado 2012 participants were at it again, writing poetry and song lyrics during the course of the week to have fun and celebrate their process. Most people wrote their own poem or lyrics, and some collaborated.

You will find their brilliant creations on this page. If you like these poems and lyrics, you will probably also like the poems our 2008 participants wrote, and the poems and lyrics from 2010.


First, two song lyrics:

Sung to the tune of "Edelweiss"

Lumbricals, lumbricals
We're so happy to meet you.
Organized, fingers rise
Tapping down so completely.

Lumbricals gracefully lift and drop,
Lift and drop forever.

Lumbricals, lumbricals
Bless those muscles forever.

Sung to the tune of "Whistle A Happy Tune"

Whenever I play my thumb,
It's neutral, sleek and long.
I prep with an active palm,
that makes my hand feel strong--
and aligned.

Whenever I play my thumb,
my hand cooperates.
My wrist and my arm aligned,
the feeling it creates,
it feels great.

The result of this execution
is very strange to tell.
For when I play
my thumb this way,
my tone is clear as well.

Whenever I play my thumb,
It's neutral, sleek and long.
I prep with an active palm,
that makes my hand feel strong--
and aligned.

Thumb, thumb, thumb, thumb, thumb
Thumb, thumb, thumb, thumb, thumb, thumb, thumb.
Thumb, thumb, thumb, thumb, thumb
Thumb, thumb, thumb, thumb, thumb, thumb, thumb.
You can be as brave,
If you make your thumb be-have!

Summer's here, the grass is burnt;
It's high time that you get learnt.
Here's an idea, here's a clue,
The WBP is good for you.
Learn a bunch of really good stuff;
Terry and Sue would never bluff.
Lots of practice, lots of play;
It goes on the entire day!
Nite time comes around; best
Get some rest for another round.
Pay attention, work real hard;
You'll get better by at least a yard.

Two Haikus

Turning frustration
Into curiosity
Takes all my courage

Empty your ego
Open your mind and heart
Then you can begin

Oh thumb, you must learn
Absolute power corrupts
You shall not be king!

Do you know that you are enough?
No need for perfection or prescribed direction
Even if some roads get rough.

Your small imperfections and fun quirks and qualities
Are what make you whole and complete.

Your connections to others stem from these qualities-
That's why we feel them so deep.

So step out of your box and walk down a new path
I know you're scared or alone.
For in stretching your limits and struggling within them
You're sure to affirm you are whole.

Balance a piano on your nose,
Come to WBP and wiggle your toes.

"Ouch" can be a tool
It tells me when I go wrong
Pain can be my friend.

A mindset……
Where does one finds it?
Inside with a choice
Hear a kind soothing voice
And like the little train that could
Don't worry about 'should,'
Start where you are
And you'll be a star.

Ode to a New Body

Oh mighty, muscled thumb of mine,
Without you, I'm no conscious man
But you must abdicate your shrine
And join the free phalangeal clan.

Oh Darling, dormant palm of mine,
For years you've rested, nonchalant,
Awake! Awake! Do rise and shine
And lift the lumbricals, gallant!

Music, I left you
Waiting, patient, hovering
You were never gone.

Partner Groups are grand,
Just don't touch your buddy's hand.
Group lesson are even grander
Just hide the music to play it better.
Follow the rules, and……
You'll play to beat the band.

Susan and Terry set the stage
So we can make connections.

We pursue, in bold full view
Vul-ner'bly with derring do
All our demons, old and new;
Taming them, through and through!

Thus we share and re-engage
Our previous defections.
In community we stage

"Horton hears a who"
Dr. Seuss is musical
Me, a poet, too?

Palm, palm, most wonderful palm.
I found my palms!!!
Thanks Susan
Thanks Terry

There's nothing in the world
I'd rather do than spend the summer
With Terry and Sue.
Plink on the keys
Plunk on the cover
They say the WBP will even
Make you a better lover.
You have some fun and
Learn a bunch then the
Day pauses for an interesting lunch.
Lots of practice as the day goes by
Exhaustion in the evening-you know why
Tomorrow you'll be back
So don't you cry.

Performing "Whenever I play my thumb"

Moving in alignment

Playing expressively

Faculty Colorado 2012