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June 2018

What participants say about The Well-Balanced Pianist

What do participants say about The Well-Balanced Pianist programs? We have several pages for you to read.

Testimonials about The Well-Balanced Pianist and its faculty
Prepared and signed statements about The Well-Balanced Pianist program and its faculty.

Words from pianists with dystonia about their journeys to recovery
Encouraging statements from pianists who worked with us.

Is The Well-Balanced Pianist for you?
See what past participants said when we asked them to complete the sentence, "The Well-Balanced Pianist is for you if..."

Evaluation quotes
Here you can read excerpts from anonymous evaluations participants filled out after The Well-Balanced Pianist programs.

Poems 2008
For a more playful and sometimes even artistic read, here you can find poems participants wrote in 2008 to record their learning process.

Poems and lyrics 2010
Or you can read poems and song lyrics participants wrote in 2010 and performed at the party at the end of the session!

Poems and lyrics 2012
Here you can read poems and song lyrics from Well-Balanced Pianist Colorado 2012!