The Well-Balanced Pianist Programs

The Well-Balanced Pianist offers short programs, lasting from a few days to a week, in which small groups of pianists can improve their playing, practicing, performing, and teaching, through integrated instruction in musicianship, healthy piano technique, bodywork, optimal mindset, and pedagogy within a supportive, interactive community. We limit the number of participants for each session so each participant will receive plentiful personal instruction.

Our piano instructor Susan Nowicki likes to say “we offer cutting edge information in a homey atmosphere.”

It’s true. With rare exceptions, our venues are not glamorous, and we don’t include expensive outings or engage prize-winning pianists to play concerts. Instead, we offer information—lots of it—about how to improve your playing, performing, and teaching, in a fun, supportive, and interactive community filled with curiosity and a spirit of adventure.

For more details, you can read about our curriculum, including the core elements of The Well-Balanced Pianist, look at some sample schedules, and check out upcoming programs.